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Stainless Steel 18 Link Shiny Italian Charm Starter Bracelet- Classic 9mm Size

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Our Stainless Steel Shiny Italian Charm Starter Bracelet is made up from a series of 18 individual 9mm links hooked together to form a stretchy charm bracelet. They stretch to fit over your hand when putting on or taking off.

Our 18 link size is made to fit an average sized ladies wrist. It can be made to fit any size wrist by either adding or removing links. A variety of links are available to purchase separately to customise your bracelet. This bracelet is compatible with other 9mm standard size Italian charms.

This bracelet is ready to give as a special gift, wrapped in tissue and presented in a velvet pouch with presentation box.

To remove a link:

  1. With the front of the bracelet facing you, pull the bracelet apart to expand the links.
  2. Whilst holding the links apart slide the link to be removed to the left until it can be lifted out.

To add a link:

  1. Spread the new link apart and hook it into the open link of the bracelet.
  2. Link the ends of the bracelet together using the same method.

If you purchase a bracelet together with an individual charm we will add this to the bracelet before sending. If you would prefer them wrapping separately please make a note in the message box at checkout to tell us to do this.


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