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Halloween Earrings

People still celebrate by wearing scary costumes. However, today they also dress up like popular celebrities, children's show characters, princesses, super heroes and much more.

Here is our collection of Halloween Earrings, they make a perfect addition to any costume.  They can be worn all year around and are made of sterling silver and are hypoallergenic.

After dressing up, kids go trick-or-treating. They go from house to house in their neighborhoods and ask for treats such as candies and snacks by saying, “Trick or treat!” According to tradition, if no treat is given, they can play a trick on the homeowners. The traditional scary and modern fun sides of Halloween are seen today as the Jack-o'-lanterns that people create by carving scary faces on pumpkins. Homeowners place Jack-o'-lanterns in front of their houses to scare evil spirits and to welcome trick-or-treaters. Other modern fun activities that reflect the traditional past of Halloween include watching horror movies and visiting haunted houses.

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