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Birthstone Earrings

Modern birthstones

In 1912, in an effort to standardize birthstones, the (American) National Association of Jewelers (now called Jewelers of America) met in Kansas and officially adopted a list.  The Jewelry Industry Council of America updated the list in 1952 by adding Alexandrite for June, citrine for November and pink tourmaline for October. They also replaced December's lapis with zircon and switched the primary/alternative gems for March. The American Gem Trade Association added tanzanite as a December birthstone in 2002.  In 2016, the American Gem Trade Association and Jewelers of America added spinel as an additional birthstone for August.  Britain's National Association of Goldsmiths created their own standardized list of birthstones in 1937

Whatever the source or history of the birthstone, it makes a fantastic gift idear for your loved one.

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