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Stainless Steel 9mm Shiny Round Shell Link for Italian Charm Bracelet


An individual shiny 9mm charm with Round Shell. This charm can be added to our Italian Charm Bracelets and is also compatible with other 9mm standard size Italian Charm Bracelets.

*Please note; Due to the natural stone, the colors of the round shell will vary between shades of green and shades of brown*

To remove a link:

  1. With the front of the bracelet facing you, pull the bracelet apart to expand the links.
  2. Whilst holding the links apart slide the link to be removed to the left until it can be lifted out.

To add a link:

  1. Spread the new link apart and hook it into the open link of the bracelet.
  2. Link the ends of the bracelet together using the same method.

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